The EcoWise IPM Tool Kit

For Public Agencies and Businesses:
How to Develop a Structural IPM Program and Contract for IPM Services

Pest Control Professional

EcoWise IPM Process

The EcoWise IPM Process has been created to help you understand the series of continuous and interrelated steps that guides an IPM practitioner when dealing with a pest problem. The EcoWise IPM Process can be used in a number of ways:

  • IPM service providers can use it to explain their IPM service to customers as well as use the language from this document in their service contracts.
  • Pest control customers can use it to explain to a pest control company the kind of IPM service they want. Customers could include public agencies, private businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, childcare centers, homeowner associations, or homeowners.
  • Entities that solicit bids for pest control services can refer to the EcoWise IPM Process in RFP, RFQ, and contract documents to clarify the kind of service required by the entity.
  • Public agencies that use in-house staff for structural pest control can use this document to explain the IPM process to staff.

Although this document was developed for California, it can be adapted for use in other states. Check the laws in your state that pertain to pesticide application, reporting, and licensing.

The EcoWise IPM Process is taken from the EcoWise Certified Standards for IPM Certification in Structural Pest Management.

  • Download the EcoWise IPM Process (pdf, 226k)