Structural IPM Resources


  • Bio-Integral Resource Center

  • California Department of Pesticide Regulation
    This section of the DPR web site contains a wealth of information about school IPM.

  • IPM Institute

    This web page lists useful articles about specific pests, and many of the articles are available online.

  • Marin County Department of Agriculture Model School IPM Program
    This site has fact sheets to help educate school staff, teachers and parents.

  • **Our Water Our World
    This Program is a collaboration among regional and local water agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The web site has been developed to assist consumers in managing home and garden pests in a way that helps protect Our Water - Our World.

  • Oregon State University
    This is a web site hosted by Oregon State University Integrated Plant Protection Center. The web site is a list of over 6,500 IPM links, organized by topic and searchable by keyword. You can also click on "Main Index" to find categories of links you might be interested in.

  • Pesticides Database, Pesticide Action Network of North America
    PAN publishes easy-access toxicity and hazard data for individual pesticides

  • **Purdue University spider web site list

    If you are interested in spiders, this page is for you! It is an exhaustive (and perhaps also exhausting) list of websites about everything you might want to know about spiders.




    On this site, EPA provides information on how to prevent, identify and control bedbug infestations. EPA advises caution when selecting and using pesticides for treating bed bugs.

  • University of California at Riverside Entomology Department
    On this page you will find short descriptions of lesser-known pests with links to sites with more information.

  • **University of California at Riverside wasp pages
    This information is for Southern California, but the same species occur in the Bay Area.

  • ** University of California at Riverside spider pages
    This site debunks the myth of the brown recluse, as well as some other spider myths.

  • University of California Statewide IPM Project

    U.C. Pest Notes for pests of homes, structures, people and pets. A great resource for identification (there is a wonderful ant key), biology, and management.

  • University of Florida Entomology Department

    This site has many creatures that are of greater interest to Floridians than Californians, but many of the urban pests are the same. This site also includes identification, biology, and some management.

  • University of Florida School IPM
    Useful information on school IPM.

  • Urban Pesticide Pollution Prevention (UP3) Project
    Provides tools and information to Bay Area agency managers seeking to reduce pesticide runoff, including up-to-date water quality monitoring data. Offers sample bid documents, contract language and other resources to help agencies implement or contract for structural Integrated Pest Management services.