Step By Step Certification Guide

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Note: For businesses with multiple offices, each branch office will be separately evaluated and certified. Separate applications are required.

To be eligible for certification your business must be:

  1. Licensed for Branch 2 work by the Structural Pest Control Board
  2. Registered with the County Agricultural Commissioner in the counties in which your business intends to offer certified IPM services and in good standing with each Agricultural Commissioner
  3. Willing to adhere to the "EcoWise Certified IPM Guiding Principles"
  4. Willing and able to employ at least one EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner (See Step 5) in the company or branch office seeking certification; an EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner must implement or directly supervise the Certified IPM service Note: Businesses with multiple offices must employ at least one EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner at each branch office seeking certification.
  5. Willing to provide IPM services following the EcoWise Certified Standards for IPM Certification in Structural Pest Management
  6. Willing to maintain separate records pertaining to certification and the EcoWise Certified IPM service and hold those records for at least 3 years
  7. Willing to permit on-site visits to your place of business to review records of EcoWise Certified services
  8. Willing to permit a field audit of your EcoWise Certified IPM service at one or more agreed-upon customer sites and permit interviews with customers

Other steps in the process of becoming EcoWise Certified:

Step 1: Determine Eligibility
Step 2: Attend orientation session
Step 3: Fill out the Business Application
Step 4: Send in the Business Application for review
Step 5: Have at least 1 staff member become an EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner
Step 6: Document at least 20 IPM service visits for 7 different customers following the Structural IPM Standards
Step 7: Schedule an office visit and field evaluation for your business
Step 8: Become fully certified
Step 9: Maintain your business and practitioner certifications